Amateur CPR in Cardiac Arrest Aids Recovery

People who suffered cardiac arrest and received CPR from a bystander were far more likely to return to work and full function than those who did not get help, according to a new study.

The research underscores the benefit of having bystanders trained in CPR, which these days can entail only chest compressions and be learned in a matter of minutes, said Don Weisman, American Heart Association communications director for Hawaii.

Coverage of Norwalk launch in The Hour

“We are pleased that local medical professionals and diverse community groups are coming together to support this important event,” says Mayor Harry Rilling. “I hope that everyone will attend the Norwalk Hands for Life Day on June 20th.  This is a wonderful opportunity for caregivers, camp staff, teachers and business, retail and restaurant employees. Family members especially are encouraged to learn this important skill because 75% of cardiac arrests happen in the home.  Knowing hands-on CPR can enable you to save the life of someone you love.”

Hands For Life Comes To Norwalk

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Mike Mocciae, the Recreation & Parks director, says, “Norwalk is pleased to be coordinating with Darien, Stamford, Westport, Wilton and Weston to present Hands for Life events that will train thousands of residents in hands-only CPR and the use of external defibrillators. Our goal is to make Fairfield County the most Heart-Smart county in the country."